The Alpha man in art - the penile psychose 1

Women suffer from penis envy, men from vagina dentata and penile xenophobia.  In the beginning there was God who said: 'Adam, your penis is strictly for urinating. For your, um, versatile creativity I will burden the hell out of you.' 
But Adam didn't listen, so some time later the Lord added handpalm rope burning and venereal diseases in a variety of colors and smells. 


Will we ever live to see Superman as an adult?

Nudity and Sex in a comic! Joseph McCarthy and Fredric Wertham and forever financee Lois Lane turn in their graves!
Till this day, the worlds of Marvel and DC try to cope with the graphic facts of life. They are still more at ease with graphic violence...

There is a male subject that has little to do with Alpha Machismo. I think. It is in all regards difficult to categorize. I saw it only once, in a comic book. A real one. So I prefer to call it a graphic novel.
It appeared in the historical series The Seven Lives of the Sparrow Hawk, a theme around a masked man who fights against the injustice of serfdom and poverty, and the era is the 17th century France during the reign of Henry IV. 


Poetry? Peotry!

~ cold spaghetti

seven hot women
seven hot cowboys
seven erect rifles

one ennio morricone theme
one fuckin' noisy showdown

no ennio morricone theme
seven cooling rifles
seven cold cowboys

seven hot widows


The Alpha man in art - the naked crazies

This is a difficult one. A few odds and ends, actually. One can wonder if cannibalism is a product of testosteron and machismo. And is it erotic? A variety in crazy serial killers seem to think so. Since the entertainment boom in zombies, cannibalism has become hot. 


The Alpha man in art - the naked wars 3

Orlando, Charlemagne's most famous paladin from Legends of Charlemagne, has been tempted to forget his duty to protect the emperor through his love for the pagan princess Angelica.
At the beginning of The Song of Roland (a poem) Angelica escapes from the castle of the Bavarian Duke Namo, and Roland aka Orlando sets off in pursuit. The two meet with various adventures until Angelica saves a wounded Saracen knight, Medoro, falls in love, and elopes with him to Cathay.
When Orlando learns the truth, he rampages in total despair through Europe and Africa, destroying everything in his path.


The Alpha man in art - the naked wars 2

Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain is unmistakably associated with machismo and war. Artist David Cerny used him for a political version of Damien Hirsch's famous formaldehyde pickled shark...


Tha Alpha Man in art - the naked wars 1

The Alpha Male In Art series was left unfinished because I grew tired with it. But here's the - I think - indispensable bonus chapter on war machismo. Loaded with alpha boys brimming with tribal testosteron, as we know from history books and movies. The real men who don't dance and are always out on killing sprees.


Why does gay art always have to be so gay? - 8

A bit more about Simon and his 'Brute' creation...

Men who erect at the sight of other men evoke an Eeeek! reaction from those who solely erect for women. Well, world wide there is a couple of hundred of millions gays, you can eeeeew! what you want, they are here and no matter how God, Jahweh and Allah join forces, they won't go away.

For a male-provoked erection you need a pin-up of a specific type. They range from baby smooth twelve year olds to so-called hairy daddies. The Sanduskies and Saviles of this world will disagree, but the Daddy type is really much more interesting than these skinny schoolboys. 
There's Bruno Bara, for instance. But most of all there's Simon.


Why does gay art always have to be so gay? - 7

Funny and embarrassing frame from what looks like a Jack Kirby drawing for The Fantastic Four, it's his style. But if Mr Kirby is a groper, I'm sure he won't grope men.

Male nudes with an erotic sprinkle, as usual.


The art of Xue Jiye

Huang Yulong, Chen Xiaoyun and Liu Xiaodong may not ring a bell straight away, but they are contemporary Chinese artists whose works also caught the attention of the western world. Yue Minjun is even very famous: everyone has at one time seen his creepy smiling self portraits. But Minjun uses a gimmick. One that eventually wears thin. And most of the other Chinese artists have succumbed to the nasty Concept Art virus.

Not Xue, he didn't.


The art of Eric 'Monster' Gill - 2

The real beef Fiona MacCarthy had with artist Eric Gill is that he was a very religious man. But.

"A patriarch in the worst sense, he was. Even borrowed the clothes Abraham and Noah wore. Gill imagined himself god on earth."

At the same he gave his biblical subjects sharp edges. Good, in this he showed a quite sane kind of empathy with the 'unfathomable' God in Heaven.
I don't know in what faith Gill was raised, but as of 1913 he converted to Catholicism, and subsequently he took on spiritual assignments almost exclusively.


The art of Eric 'Monster' Gill

Eric Gill was a much awarded artist. Highly appreciated by the Roman Catholic church, too. His work decorates the BBC Broadcasting House, the European HQ of the United Nations in Geneva, the Westminster Cathedral and many other dwellings. He designed the famous Gill Sans font, too.
During the years between the two world wars Gill may have been a renowned artist, in our day and age he is considered an absolutely immoral man. 'Burn his linotypes, chip away his bas reliefs from facades!' 
But do we really want that?

Suppose the paintings of Mr A. Hitler had been ravishingly beautiful and ground breaking in style and technique. Would we have said, 'he was the most evil, horrendous man of his time, let his art work be condemned and ignored' ?
Gee, what a moral dilemma.

All right, Gill was no Hitler. What was he, then?


~ a dare with lucifer

welcome to my lair
take a chair and warm your feet
in the unquenchable fire

burn your clothes away you are
what I was forbidden
to create, groom and devour

don't hate this date
and me for loving you
in my cruel way

receive my blessings
down the pit of your throat
up the chimney of your arse

anything else
is joyless, from His point of view
a sanctified farce

welcome to my house
build from cooling lava
my bed of glowing coals

my name is what I briefly was
for which I lured you in, an angel
born to fall



The art of Jorge Lizandra

Jorge Lizandra designs and manufactures homoerotic figurines. Well, homo-sensual, actually. The one on the left may slap the viewer crudely in the face with his big juicy male organ, but that figurine is an homage to ancient Greek-Roman art. And classical art, we know, is not porn. Otherwise the Roman-catholic Church would have destroyed Michelangelo's David (who killed Goliath with a well-aimed & rock hard testicle) a long time ago, wouldn't she?

So Jorge's figurines - 'Bossy Sculptures' - is basically harmless art. I'm sure the few nipples and bare bums and some suggestions of pubic hair won't send the world into hysterics.


The art of Alexander G Ivanov

Googling this name usually shows images of Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov, a famous artist from the 19th century whose works mostly feature religious themes. There is also an A. Ivanov who died in 1996 at the age of 46.
Of the third Alexander Ivanov no more is known than that he was born in 1962 in Kharkov, Ukraine. I favor him because he is more fun than the other two; with his scenes from an Ukrainian village life:


As the heavens turn

"And it will come about, while My glory is passing by, that I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with My hand until I have passed by. Then I will take My hand away and you shall see My back, but My face shall not be seen."
- Exodus 33:20-23

Michelangelo, a vessel of contradictions. He was a partygoer, he was a hermit. An amiable man, a grumbler with a short fuse. His love for beautiful boys was solely platonic, he humped every pupil and assistant in his vicinity. He frequented baths for men and gyms to study male anatomy, he was never seen there because he was a prudent man. He was always poor, he died a rich man. He was very religious and loved pope Julius II like a brother. He absolutely loathed him and was the only one who dared to call him an old pervert.
Michelangelo Buonarroti was in awe for the al-Creator and the Bible, Michelangelo Buonarroti ridiculed in his Sistine Chapel fresco's God, the Church and all of Christianity.
Whatever he was, whatever he did and did not, it's an invitation to boundless speculation.


Tha Alpha Man in art - 41

Perhaps this artist picked the wrong bodystocking coloring, but I want to see unclad legs, so I'm seeing unclad legs. Even if they have boots painted onto them.
Why is this guy so important?

An adult in a romper suit that stops at his crotch looks
1: slightly infantile.
2: his appearance is also confusing: a belt like a medieval Inquisition torture device, shoulder extensions (remember Joan Crawford), muscular and brashly naked legs against primly covered arms. Confusing? Imagine what impression this makes on an adolescent still in search of his own sexual identity.


The Alpha Male in art - 40

Unfortunately I don't get to see those shapely legs. and where are the shorts?  I think someone tinkered with the original dialogue... 
That would be a pity because Wildcat is right on target here. Lots of people, of both gender, hate men in shorts. 'Infantile!'. 'Male legs are an unbecoming sight!'


Tha Alpha Man in art - 39

A couple of years ago I did a series called 'The Lost Legs of Men', which drew 13.674.898 visitors so far. That is, I anticipated it would draw 6.674.898 visitors. (Look it up in category 'Nudity in Sci-Fi' if you want to become nr 6.674.899).
The posts were not all about Nudity, there were also comix guys in shorts, thongs and loin cloths on display. These garments just added to the charm of the male bare legs.

"Bare legs are impractical; looks almost effeminate."
- comic book artist Norm Breyfogle.


The Alpha Man in art - 38

The segment in Alpha Men in Comix we, fashion-sensitives, have all been waiting for. The superhero macho wardrobes.
In our real world no man would of course want to be seen walking the streets in fancy boots, skin-tight leggings and what looks like pampers for adults on top. On the other hand, superheroes are usually build like Mr Universe, so there's mucho sturdy aesthetics to be enjoyed.
Male super asses, for instance.


The Alpha Man in art - 37

Beast is one of the members of the X-Men group. At first he was a mutant who possessed superhuman physical strength and agility through his oversized hands and feet, though he otherwise appears to be a normal human being with the name Hank McCoy. 
Like the other members, he wore a black & yellow uniform with a thight fitting cap and boots. In Beast's case, his pants ends half way his calves, exposes thick lower legs, ankles and feet. Often hairy ones. A detail which, like in the case of the superdwarf Puck, serves no purpose, but is nice to see around in superhero land.
Here's a bit of Beast history in images.


The Alpha Man in art - 36

I'm not a foot fetishist myself but admit that there's something about Feet. Feet, with their ten capped semi-penises in rising/descending sizes, look very nude. Wriggling toes; what they offer to the eye is actually non-sexual pornography.
Feet are also our mostly smelly parts. 


The Alpha Man in art - 35

This is the chapter where we seem to see comic book artists losing their cool. But it will always remain a mystery whether this one was unintentionally kinky, or just kinky.
It's not so much the action. It's the dialogue. Ieww, but okay, everyone's entitled to a different taste.