~ creature of the night

I wander through the bog
hairy naked save for boots
made from human leather
They squeak, I growl amused
Kick at the ground fog


LRRH: snips and snails and puppytails

These days there is the obsession to transform every literary legend or famous animation character into a modern samurai. Hollywood, the American Superhero culture and computer games are to blame.
It's a lot worse than turning Little Red Riding Hood into a sexpot who loves to spread for the wolf, the huntsman, charming princes, dwarves and giants and not necessarily one at a time.

But okay, the Killer Hood art is eye candy as well.


Little Red Riding Hood: moon, june & chemistry

No kidding. Where analysts focus on medieval folklore and historical backgrounds, modern illustrators are smitten with the idea of mutual puppy love...


Coping with a red hot Riding Hood

A Manga portrait, and almost the modern definition of LRRH. As usual with Japanese pop art, this little girl could be anywhere between 10 and 16. Whoa, she's oozing sex.
There's no avoiding the erotic element in Little Red Riding Hood. On a basic level, the story deals with the abuse of the innocent, cruelty towards the old and vulnerable, and bestiality. It's also a warning: Don't go out into the woods alone. Unless...unless you're a prostitute and know how to kick some balls. Wikipedia:


Coping with fairy tale traumas

There is no psychology in fairy tales, as Mr Bill Pullman stated?  A rabid wolf may attack and eat live humans without a thought, but when he uses a glib tongue to fool a young girl and shimmies himself into her granny's nightshirt and cap, he's psychologically involved all right. Not to forget his victims who have to cut themselves out of his belly with a pair of scissors. Even in the sanitized versions where Grandma evades the wolf by hiding in a closet, and where the lumberjack kills the animal before he could either gobble her and Red Riding Hood, are not devoid from psychology. Being scared shitless is a psychological state, Mr Re-teller of Fairy Tales. 


A house is not a wolf's home

Except in fairy tales. Granny's house - and witch and dwarf cottages for that matter - are not quite normal anyway. You don't build a dwelling close to big trees. In growing, they push everything away, or they die and topple from old age. Furthermore such a cottage is an isolated affair, we're not talking suburban town park here. Why didn't LRRH's mother take her old ailing mother in? Don't they know that predators roam Granny's premises? How could the woman have gotten old? 

In classical renditions, Mom's house is shown as small and neat and cosy. So is Granny's. Picturesque, with just an old lavender whiff of white magic around it.
Would we expect anything else?


How to cope with Little Red Riding Hood - 2

Imagine that of the mere episode 'Leaving Home & Starting To Walk Through The Woods' there are hundreds of art works. There are ever so many of the chapter where LRRH still walks on, but is aware that she is followed.
Artists all have their very own view of that suspenseful moment. 


How to cope with Little Red Riding Hood - 1

Lil' Red Riding Hood.
'Red' does need no explanation, but don't ask me what she rides. Do hoods ride? I guess they do, the wind always pushes them off if we don't lace them.
This girl is of an age where she's not supposed to know about things going bump inside her. But are we sure? In no version her age is given. According to the Grimm Brothers, Rapunzel was 12 years old, Snow White around 14. But LRRH could be anywhere between 8 and 16.

I scanned the name for terms like 'orgasm' and 'rape', and nothing came up. Nothing tasteful, that is.
Throw out the words; the visuals are better than the story, they are truly dazzling.


Trying to cope with Fairy Tales

'...And where are these pretty little legs in red hot boots heading for?'
'To Grandma. If nothing comes up and between them.'

Why does 21st century Man tend to pornograph fairy tales? Why can't we accept that Red Riding Hood is just a little girl with an as yet hairless pussy and no tits to speak off? Why do we coax the Hansel & Gretel moppets into playing dirty incestuous games in the woods, and picture the local old cannibal hag as a pedophile?


The art of Freikörperei 18 - the surfers

Hawaii has become such a mundane and modern tourist island that sometimes we forget it had its 'natives' too, once. But those magnificent waves were there long before the first natives from elsewhere (Africa? East Asia?) arrived.


The art of Freikörperei 17 - the boaters

Fidus actually meant this one mythical; 'Atlantis'. Nevertheless the allegoric kids are clearly in a holiday mood. 


The art of Freikörperei 14 - beach moppets two

'Fuckyeahkids',  to follow a certain craze in weblog names.
There is no going around Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida.  A Spanish artist who has produced so many paintings of nude children - from babies to teens - that I expected to find on Internet tons of execrating articles on him.
So Sorolla wasn't lusting over kids?
I have no idea. But there is nothing erotic in his beach paintings. Well, decide for yourselves.


The art of Freikörperei 13 - beach moppets one

Kids. They love playing in anything that extends the inflatable garden pool or the bath tub. In their haste to plunge into that big wonderful lake and even bigger sea they don't wait for the layer of  suntan lotion and forget to put some swimming trunks on and within one minute they have also forgotten at which spot on that hugely overcrowded beach their parents are located. With burned shoulders, a belly full of salt water, cold to the bone and squid stings all over them they return screaming.
In all other regards, they LOVE the sea! 


The art of Freikörperei 12 - the skinnydippers two

Entering the more modern interpretations of nude swimmers and nude bathers. I mean, it makes sense, does it? Bathing in the nude?


The art of Freikörperei 11 - the skinnydippers

So far nature-loving nudists on dry land were exhibited. But in the Golden Age the world of art noticed another phenomenon, and 'Nude Bathing Woman' soon became a household word. Possibly because artists got fed up with models reclining on stuffy sofas in dusty studios.
Paintings of nudes cavorting in watery environments differ not much from paintings of nudes in decors of grass and sand and rocks. But water is a remarkable element.  


The art of Freikörperei 10 - more mystique

I overlooked a few 'Mystics' ones...
Debussy, composed in paint is what I immediately thought. Extraordinary beautiful, this one.


The art of Freikörperei 8 - symbolism and allegories

Ever bathed in moonlight? You can almost feel it.

Nature can be quite overpowering. Due to a high-summer skinnydip urge I once let myself float in a lake like a glass plate, it was way past midnight and the sky was free of clouds and very black, dotted with stars. The ring of trees around the lake was beyond my eye sight, all I saw was that that wide, dark span. After a while I got a bit scared, I seemed no longer lying on my back but floating face down over a bottomless void, speckled with nervously blinking lights, and I felt like I could fall any moment, fall into that gigantic, bottomless ocean...
I enjoyed the movie Gravity, but I don't think I qualify for a job in outer space.


The art of Freikörperei 7 - mystique and absurdism

I decided against a post on surrealist nudes in nature. Or nudes in surrealist nature.
The problem is, surrealism creates worlds that are off-kilter in such a way that it's often difficult to see the humans in it as, well, humans. But even when they look biologically physical, they are still in a situation and environment that does not make sense of their nude state. 

So let's take a view on Philosophy, Mystique and Absurdism instead.


The art of Freikörperei 5 - sexism and racial colors

I found me a tree
It's naked like me
I just lost my wife
She thinks I am crazy
She said, get a life!
All right, I'll plea
Tree, will you marry me
- dedeurs


The art of Freikörperei - 4

Summer's coming!

But what about winter? Mother Nature moves to the warm south, or what?