The Alpha Man in art - 37

 The Beast is one of the members of the X-Men group. At first he was a mutant who possessed superhuman physical strength and agility through his oversized hands and feet, though he otherwise appears to be a normal human being with the name Hank McCoy. 
Like the other members, he wore a black & yellow uniform with a thight fitting cap and boots. In Beast's case, his pants ends half way his calves, exposes thick lower legs, ankles and feet. Often hairy ones. A detail which, like in the case of the superdwarf Puck, serves no purpose, but is nice to see around in superhero land.
Here's a bit of Beast history in images.


The Alpha Man in art - 36

I'm not a foot fetishist myself but admit that there's something about Feet. Feet, with their ten capped semi-penises in rising/descending sizes, look very nude. Wriggling toes; what they offer to the eye is actually non-sexual pornography.
Feet are also our mostly smelly parts. 


The Alpha Man in art - 35

This is the chapter where we seem to see comic book artists losing their cool. But it will always remain a mystery whether this one was unintentionally kinky, or just kinky.
It's not so much the action. It's the dialogue. Ieww, but okay, everyone's entitled to a different taste.


Tha Alpha Male in art - 34

Underneath this late 1940s, Atlas advertising I found an amusing comment.
"That's right! Slappity-slap-slap-slap! You'll take a bitch-slap from a he-man and you'll like it! Slappo!"
- Adam Barnett,
Barnett's blog has lots of Superhero illustrations and his accompanying texts and captions are worth checking out. If you don't find me funny.

But does anyone notice something in this picture? I did, and it reminds me of the Virgin Mary.
Obviously there are Virgin Marvins too.


The Alpha Man in art 33 - Hercules 3

I have to admire today's pencillers and inkers. All these tiny stripes, over and over again in every panel that exhibits Hercules. The hold masters, and in particular the sculptors, had it easier.

But Hercules' hairiness does not seem a fixed rule in comics. Some artists are still of opinion that they should approach the character in an academic way, with at the most a few dots on his arms and some scratches on his chest to 'get the gist'.


The Alpha Man in art 32 - Hercules 2

Herc's biological father; Zeus. Who could appear in any shape but here he chose the human one. And as usual didn't give a shit about human dress codes. He also didn't need a weapon. Gods, and sensibility.

The ancient Greek, Renaissance and Baroque times suggest that Hercules appeared in art naked so often because he was a die-hard nudist of reputation. All he carried around on his frame was the skin of the Nemean Lion he slayed. He was even naked during his own wedding ceremony (if you can believe Pietro Benvenuti. Who included some invitees with an inappropriate casual Friday attitude on the side.)


The Alpha Man in art 31 - Hercules 1

Alcidus aka Hēraklēs aka Hercules...

I say, he doesn't deserve this. Being used as a comix character.
Unless the Greek mythology is to be seen as a comic too, a graphic novel. Without the graphics. If you don't count the many vase decorations and fresco's and sculptures and engravings and paintings the Greek and the Europeans based on the stories.
Hercules is an absolute He-Man for certain, with his 12 projects which normally would require an army of men to realize. So the title of 'superhero' he cannot be denied.
That leaves the integrity and the quality. Is today's Hercules an update or an upgrade? Disney did an upgrade. Turned the mythical legend into a Broadway musical singer and a kitschy theme park attraction. Comix publishing houses did the same. Is it justified?
Who is this Hercules actually?


The Alpha Man in art - 30

Unbelievable perhaps, but this is not the end of Hair Follicles In Multitudes...

After the so-called Golden Years of Comics and their lackluster 1950s, writers and artists realized that men do possess body hair. Resulting in a kind of war between the furry heroes and the smooth ones. But bodybuilding and all the grooming and shaving that comes with it, still rules. Of 21st Century Man is required that he looks like a marble statue with mathematically correct musculature.

However, I don't think the comic fan really cares. A superhero is Manly per definition.
So it was all up to the artists.


The Alpha Male in art 29 - Puck 3

A good thing about Alpha Flight is that there is another 'freak' in the team. Roger Bochs, a brilliant engineer and mechanic, he created a remote-controlled fighting robot which he called Box. Initially he infiltrated the AF to sabotage, which cost a member his life. Bochs later atoned for that. Perhaps not by losing his legs, but he is wheelchair bound.
I found lots of illustrations of the robot, but not of Roger. I feel that he, like Puck, could have been put more to the foreground. Because Northstar and Vindicator (Heather) are boring, Marrina creepy and Sasquatch is just a lot big and a bit dumb (and incidentally immeasurably more hairy than Puck).


The Alpha Man in art 28 - Puck 2

"The sudden appearance of his costume here is thanks to Talisman’s mystic abilities."
- Chris,

Nudity; oh yes. There are some beefcake shots in Victor's Secret undies and alphagirls in what looks more like 1970s futurist bathing suits than superhero uniforms.
As far as I know (you don't think I actually read these hundreds of thousands of magazines, do you?) Puck was caught starkers only once. I think the artist overdid it with the water. Or whatever it is that douches his groin.
Oh, and one of his enemies did a full streak; Deadly Earnest.
An odd guy; this Ernest. Kills people by merely touching them, but when he left the hospital where he was reborn (he himself cannot die, once chopped to pieces a friend sows everything together again), he didn't want to kill passers-by, he just wanted some clothes. So D.E. is the bashful type. Aren't they all, at Marvel's.


The Alpha Male in art 27 - Puck 1

"Generally a straightforward, salt of the earth type who makes no attempt to appear sophisticated. He likes simple, old-fashioned Canadian pastimes such as watching ice hockey and/or having a beer at the pub, and he’s not averse to a good brawl from time to time. Other rough-and-tumble types will find that Judd easily becomes a friend."
- Chris,

A side-step to an alpha underdog:
In 1979, Marvel Comics artist John Byrne created the Alpha Flight Team, Canada's answer to the succesful The Avengers. Three years later he added a member to the team; Eugene Milton Judd, who's profile I gave above.
His nickname is Puck. In the large community of big ego'd Supergeezers - including the supergals there must now be hundreds of them - he is the only one I find interesting and even sympathetic.


Tha Alpha Man in art - 26

And what about the heavies? The enemies of the supercrusaders?

Baddies will be baddies, is what Marvel, DC Comics and the Comics Code Authority thought:



Tha Alpha Male in art - 24

So to acquire and maintain a boss status a strong ego, sheer body mass, powerful (or unsettling) eyes and a rattling voice timbre are the assets you need.
That seems quite enough, right? There's no need to make a 'beastly' connection by way of a King Kong suit on top. 

True, legends like the Yeti, Big Foot and the Werewolf do origin from an ancient fear of large, furry predators possessed by evil spirits. And all of them are of male gender.


Tha Alpha Man in art - 23

A man's alpha position in the world does not rely solely on chest hair of course. A man can wake up one morning and scream 'My penis!' because he got a visit from a tooth fairy who collects night woodies.
He might also wake up in front of the bathroom mirror,
'My flash! Where's that little Colgate flash with 'Ping!' sound effect that makes all women swoon!', because the same tooth fairy, suffering from severe dental decay, had been shopping in Don Juan's wide open snoring mouth. 


~ testosterolympia

The people of Testosteronia
have pawned their hearts to a
Shot Put champ, a body big
and bristling with black coconut matting


The Alpha Man in art - 22

Back to 2015 BCE. 

So what does hairiness mean for men?
'It's my pride and joy!'
'I feel like a facking chimpanzee!'

That's what I meant with ambivalent.


The Alpha Male in art - 21

A special chapter for fucker Esau. Son of patriarch Isaac and twin brother of Jacob. Esau is definitely an Alpha.
An impulsive man, good humored next to hot-tempered, loud mouthed, ate with his fingers. Not a baddie, certainly not a mindless hulk either, as he was - or would later become - an excellent and rich businessman. In one regard Esau represented a freak show: he was endowed with a lot of body hair. It earned him a role in the mega-budget movie 'Genesis 25' and it's sequel, 27.


The moral crusaders strike again

Please read this. It's about the future of Internet, about the future of freedom of speech, and our freedom in art expression.
Would you really want to miss my
ramblings on nudism & funny gay
sex accompanied by avalanches of the most gorgeous art works? And other Internet goodies elsewhere?

My weblog host;, has announced a revision of his Content Policy rules. This way the provider hopes to get rid of a legion of 'porn blogs' and their explicit nudity & sexual contents and spam.
There's certainly something to say for it. There's also a But.


The Alpha Male in art - 20

Another important Alpha asset is hair. That is, it should be. But it's a debatable asset. Ambivalent.


The Alpha Male in art - 19

Let's not forget the penis accessories
Them boys who, according to David Bowie, keep swinging.


The Alpha male in art - 18

Size is everything.
A big house, big lawns, big cars are signs that you are burly on the social scales too. Next to that, at the gym men increase their muscular body mass to grow big physically.
Women - in particular the ones who are daily gaped at because they are Red Carpet Stars - wail, 'I want bigger tits and a larger booty!' Which can be arranged, these days.
The man fares less well in that regard. He who wails 'I want a bigger dick!' only finds a market for penis enlarging pills & pumps, and should by now realize that all these miracles enlarge are the manufacturer's bank account.


Tha Alpha Male in art - 17

There exists a - stereotype - idea that the - stereotype - alpha male uses fists, lung capacity and an intimidating amount of chest hair. Well, most modern alphas no longer need height and primal muscles and numbing armpit pheromones, they dominate in psychological ways.
But in my opinion his basic weapon is his penis.


Tha Alpha Male in art - 16

This one is interesting for personal reasons. A couple of years ago I figured out for myself that the artist had incorporated a mirror image. Recently I found the painting again, and this time it went with a title. 'Self Wrestling'...
In relation to this subject I found no other works with literal wrestling as a metaphor for inner turmoil, as far as I know Max Magnus Normal is the only one who did.

The most erotic ones. (My choice)


~ the go-between

buddies at the bar
greasy stories
sharing money

for a whore
what's your name doll
sambal trassi, where

are your tits, all right
broad of mind broad
of hips