The sex appeal of monsters - 4

It takes dark and hidden corners of Internet to see this. If a professor gives lectures about Tolkien, he will not put it in his overhead projector. Because republican politicians, prim mothers in law and the disillusion over the fact that we cannot all be a Priapus god or a Miss Universe Titties took the fun out of nudism. We said, 'No more please. Let the crazies, the attention whores and the tanning addicts have their way, WE know how civilized homo sapiens is to behave'.


The sex appeal of monsters - 3

So, which ork monsters are the most appealing ones?
It's a matter of personal taste of course. Like a preference for sky scraping Swedish males, short lithe Pygmies or rotund Mandarins. Do I want the orks green colored or purple or grey-skinned? Smooth or hairy? Beer-bellied or washboarded? With black finger- and toenails, or clean ones?

An ork should not be too inhuman. But not too human, either. The example here is yummy, but he's hardly more than a normal guy with a tusk brace and green pancake. He looks suspiciously like George Clooney, by the way.


The sex appeal of monsters - 2

I wanted to move on to the sexual side of orks but I've got a few more of the kind that make war, not love. 


The sex appeal of monsters - 1

Nudity a-plenty, in Esteban Igartua's work. Humorist and erotic to a lesser extend. So for compensation I want to have some fun with a creature that represents the virile macho man in Fantasy/ Sword&Sorcery art. No, not Conan. Mr. Orc. Sometimes written as 'Ork'. I prefer 'ork', it sounds more gritty.

Tolkien considered them from the goblin lineage, but orks won't have any of that: "Snrf! They degenerates!"
And you better not be a half-ork either.


The art of Esteban Igartua

I see chances on a revived series on Dwarf art dwindle more and more...
However, one segment of that art never came to posting fruit. Dwarves that comic book artists or producers of Fantasy realms would never use to promote their computer games with.


~ the tragic coital crescendi of Crumby Currantbun

She came from once
destined forever, oh I
could breath nor move
Went hush and mush from
balding pate to hairy toe


The art of Don Tatro - 2

Sci-fi, gothic horror, Freudian symbolism, allegory, mystery and whiffs of erotica. 
Not all images are in a decent format, but as I pointed out, the small ones are the only ones available.


The art of Don Tatro - introduction

Don has gone, and since 2004. That makes this post on him an anniversary, and probably the only because despite him having fans on Internet, he is largely forgotten. That's where a bit of mystery comes in...

I discovered him in 2005. An image of two naked man, caught in a fight. 'Coup de grace'.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 8

There are more symbolic plaques. I don't know why, but Vigeland had a thing for reptiles. Or Reptilians. 


The art of Gustav Vigeland 7

For 'snapshots', Vigeland's works is quite symbolic. Which is understandable, with the exposition theme Birth, Life and Death.
The border around the fountain and the parapet of the pedestrian bridge show various metaphors. Some are incomprehensible, there are funny ones, others exhibit a violent streak. There are also common scenes, like Relationship and Love.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 6

The interesting poses, but there are the faces too, the expressions...

Considering that the figures have a smooth approach and are devoid of subtle details. In paintings you can put down many layers of emotions, but stone and bronze are less pliable. Vigeland did a real good job.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 5

The 'Human Condition'. Meaning that Vigeland was obliged to show more than just happy kids and lovey-dovey adults.
Hence there's a fair amount of anger and aggression in the sculptures.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 4

The common critical response regarding the Vigeland collection in Frogner Park is, 'We're looking at a bunch of bloody snapshots!'
Yes, sort of. Families on the beach, walking the promenade, playing in the park.

That's remarkable in itself. Definitely not what germanic artists from his era considered salonfahig. The sculptures and statues of nazis Arno Breker and Josef Thorak differ from those of Vigeland in that the poses of their men and women are highly theatrical, and deliberately so. People had to be given the idea that homo sapiens (with noble germanic features) was just a few steps away from a godlike status.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 2

The statues are all bare naked while engaging in various typical human pursuits. 
- Wikipedia

My preference for Vigeland's mass-sculpture is not solely for the fact that his 200+ figures are, indeed, all rendered in the nude. They are more than that.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 1

Like every other large city, Oslo has a communal park. But due to a fittie between the city council and renowned Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland, Frogner Park became nothing short of a cultural miracle.


~ creature of the night

I wander through the bog
hairy naked save for boots
made from human leather
They squeak, I growl amused
Kick at the ground fog


LRRH: snips and snails and puppytails

These days there is the obsession to transform every literary legend or famous animation character into a modern samurai. Hollywood, the American Superhero culture and computer games are to blame.
It's a lot worse than turning Little Red Riding Hood into a sexpot who loves to spread for the wolf, the huntsman, charming princes, dwarves and giants and not necessarily one at a time.

But okay, the Killer Hood art is eye candy as well.


Little Red Riding Hood: moon, june & chemistry

No kidding. Where analysts focus on medieval folklore and historical backgrounds, modern illustrators are smitten with the idea of mutual puppy love...


Coping with a red hot Riding Hood

A Manga portrait, and almost the modern definition of LRRH. As usual with Japanese pop art, this little girl could be anywhere between 10 and 16. Whoa, she's oozing sex.
There's no avoiding the erotic element in Little Red Riding Hood. On a basic level, the story deals with the abuse of the innocent, cruelty towards the old and vulnerable, and bestiality. It's also a warning: Don't go out into the woods alone. Unless...unless you're a prostitute and know how to kick some balls. Wikipedia: