The art of Icarus - 7 and final

A  World War I photo.  Just like Icarus escaped from the tirant king Minos, this pilot from one of the first airplanes fled his enemy (Germans?). The odd thing is, the 20th century Icarus forgot to do his flight to freedom without his wings! Or is he still in the cockpit, obliterated by the propellor engine? Then he's too late.


The art of Icarus - 6

To remind humanity that exposed genitals do not equal porn... Because the falling guy and the men enjoying their honeymoon may all be nekkid as sin, in a few moments hot sex will be far from their minds.

Which brings me to the next chapter.
Dare artists present Icarus as sensual and even erotic?
It depends on our fetishes. Do we get horny when he ascends, or when he descents? 
A few artists took the tantalizing route, either intentionally or accidentally. 
Um, quite a few actually.


The art of Icarus - 5

I have to postphone the last two episodes, I just discovered a wealth of unknown Icare art that I must feature first.


The art of Icarus - 3

In general the late 20th/early 21st century saw a more urban and even industrial approach of the Greek mythology theme.


The art of Icarus - 2

A screenshot from the scifi movie Sunshine.
A crew with a captain (the celestial and sometimes creepy actor Cillian Murphy) needs to launch a nuclear fission bomb into our dying sun to 'rekindle' it. His ship, build after such an earlier mission failed, is called the Icarus II.
Pure fantasy, and despite all the hi-tech and scientific language a silly one. No spaceship can approach the sun as near as this. 
But Capa is like Melville's Captain Ahab and Jules Verne's Captain Nemo. He becomes obsessed. 


The art of Icarus

In some forgotten tv series a man asked his aloof wife if there is something wrong.
It's too long ago to be able to quote the actress's answer to the letter, but it was something like
'Nothing, Michael. All I want is a piece of the moon...' 

The unreachable. Exactly what Icarus is all about. Reaching for the sun. That is, according to allegoric interpretations. It's basically an adventure story, with a firm moral message.


~ seasalt semen

Broad as a ferry
gait like a hurricane
spiderwebs around his eyes
red-rimmed, flat grey
that arises
from gazing too often
at horizons too far


The sex appeal of monsters - 1

A series on gay (!) Orcs in 10 parts. I had to delete them because it appeared to be in violation of Google+ and Blogger.blogspot's User Content and Conduct.



The art of Esteban Igartua

I see chances on a revived series on Dwarf art dwindle more and more...
However, one segment of that art never came to posting fruit. Dwarves that comic book artists or producers of Fantasy realms would never use to promote their computer games with.


~ the tragic coital crescendi of Crumby Currantbun

She came from once
destined forever, oh I
could breath nor move
Went hush and mush from
balding pate to hairy toe


The art of Don Tatro - 2

Sci-fi, gothic horror, Freudian symbolism, allegory, mystery and whiffs of erotica. 
Not all images are in a decent format, but as I pointed out, the small ones are the only ones available.


The art of Don Tatro - introduction

Don has gone, and since 2004. That makes this post on him an anniversary, and probably the only because despite him having fans on Internet, he is largely forgotten. That's where a bit of mystery comes in...

I discovered him in 2005. An image of two naked man, caught in a fight. 'Coup de grace'.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 8

There are more symbolic plaques. I don't know why, but Vigeland had a thing for reptiles. Or Reptilians. 


The art of Gustav Vigeland 7

For 'snapshots', Vigeland's works is quite symbolic. Which is understandable, with the exposition theme Birth, Life and Death.
The border around the fountain and the parapet of the pedestrian bridge show various metaphors. Some are incomprehensible, there are funny ones, others exhibit a violent streak. There are also common scenes, like Relationship and Love.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 6

The interesting poses, but there are the faces too, the expressions...

Considering that the figures have a smooth approach and are devoid of subtle details. In paintings you can put down many layers of emotions, but stone and bronze are less pliable. Vigeland did a real good job.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 5

The 'Human Condition'. Meaning that Vigeland was obliged to show more than just happy kids and lovey-dovey adults.
Hence there's a fair amount of anger and aggression in the sculptures.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 4

The common critical response regarding the Vigeland collection in Frogner Park is, 'We're looking at a bunch of bloody snapshots!'
Yes, sort of. Families on the beach, walking the promenade, playing in the park.

That's remarkable in itself. Definitely not what germanic artists from his era considered salonfahig. The sculptures and statues of nazis Arno Breker and Josef Thorak differ from those of Vigeland in that the poses of their men and women are highly theatrical, and deliberately so. People had to be given the idea that homo sapiens (with noble germanic features) was just a few steps away from a godlike status.


The art of Gustav Vigeland 2

The statues are all bare naked while engaging in various typical human pursuits. 
- Wikipedia

My preference for Vigeland's mass-sculpture is not solely for the fact that his 200+ figures are, indeed, all rendered in the nude. They are more than that.