New times, new farts

For those who care. Blogs become more and more 'so nineties'... Nevertheless I found it's time for a makeover. Blog 'Clad in Air, Clad in Art', initiated in 2012, now carries a bulk of 320 posts, but I've come to the conclusion that I didn't make a good job of it. My English is often crummy, my reviewing texts don't make the most of the illustrative themes and worse- half of those posts carry pictures with a JPG extension. Quite late in my life I discovered that saving them as PNG files considerably sharpened the illustrations and enriched the colors. 

So I started a new blog. Also with the theme Nudity in Art, but this time no diversions like an Art in Glass series, no more attempts at Peotry. (Unless there are poems that I think are really worth revamping. Even if there is no one to judge.)

The new blog I named 'SKYCLAD, a coffee table book'. Such literary twang! But for any other subject - if I have time for it, and for the beauty of glass I certainly will - blog Clad in Art will remain active.


~ pizza!

shortshorts top his blond furred legs
soccer calves, muscle bulges
in his T-shirt, adult-young,
young adult, hopes his pals


Glass, just that - 5

This will be my last  second to last post on Glass so I can pick up some other blog subjects again. But Glass will certainly pop up now and then.

I show mainly modern glass art, but this one is incredibly timeless. It's a Roman goblet from around the 4th century. My goodness, it had seventeen turbulent centuries to break...


Glass, just that - 4

When I was a house painter I saw this table in the house of a young well-to-do couple. No kids yet. Which meant Shoes Off and Do Not Eat Your Lunch At The table.
On the tabel. We house painters got it.

Some more concrete-glass combi's:


Glass, just that - 3

Door knobs. Best known are the faceted ones in the crammed house of Aunt Jemima or the trailer of the Rabble family. They're usually of perspex. The specimen here is simple, massive and of green glass. This is what I would chose for my house. If I had doors that need to be knobby.


Glass, just that - 2

If someone said to me "Glass? Not interesting. It's just that. And it's rubbish. Plastic is much more durable", I don't know what I'd do. Faint, puke on him or her, or stone that person with this:


Why does gay art always have to be so gay? - 10

The title and the category 'gaysex' are misnomers. In these series I, pizza dell'arte delivery boy, post not only gay/homosexual/ gender-equal illustrations. Some of the figures are not even 'clad in air'.
But for the pick 'n mix art series I decided to maintain the title, I always wanted to use it. 


~ traumammy

Mam are you listening
the house is big and light and warm there is
a park and Mam I know now what the world
is but I still don't know why was it


The Alpha male in art - the penile psychose 2

What the male probably fears most is losing his male pride.

What man pride?

His joystick, his snookerballs.


The Alpha man in art - the penile psychose 1

Women suffer from penis envy, men from vagina dentata and penile xenophobia.  In the beginning there was God who said: 'Adam, your penis is strictly for urinating. For your, um, versatile creativity I will burden the hell out of you.' 
But Adam didn't listen, so some time later the Lord added handpalm rope burning and venereal diseases in a variety of colors and smells. 


Will we ever live to see Superman as an adult?

Nudity and Sex in a comic! Joseph McCarthy and Fredric Wertham and forever financee Lois Lane turn in their graves!
Till this day, the worlds of Marvel and DC try to cope with the graphic facts of life. They are still more at ease with graphic violence...

There is a male subject that has little to do with Alpha Machismo. I think. It is in all regards difficult to categorize. I saw it only once, in a comic book. A real one. So I prefer to call it a graphic novel.
It appeared in the historical series The Seven Lives of the Sparrow Hawk, a theme around a masked man who fights against the injustice of serfdom and poverty, and the era is the 17th century France during the reign of Henry IV. 


Poetry? Peotry!

~ cold spaghetti

seven hot women
seven hot cowboys
seven erect rifles

one ennio morricone theme
one fuckin' noisy showdown

no ennio morricone theme
seven cooling rifles
seven cold cowboys

seven hot widows


The Alpha man in art - the naked crazies

This is a difficult one. A few odds and ends, actually. One can wonder if cannibalism is a product of testosteron and machismo. And is it erotic? A variety in crazy serial killers seem to think so. Since the entertainment boom in zombies, cannibalism has become hot. 


The Alpha man in art - the naked wars 3

Orlando, Charlemagne's most famous paladin from Legends of Charlemagne, has been tempted to forget his duty to protect the emperor through his love for the pagan princess Angelica.
At the beginning of The Song of Roland (a poem) Angelica escapes from the castle of the Bavarian Duke Namo, and Roland aka Orlando sets off in pursuit. The two meet with various adventures until Angelica saves a wounded Saracen knight, Medoro, falls in love, and elopes with him to Cathay.
When Orlando learns the truth, he rampages in total despair through Europe and Africa, destroying everything in his path.


The Alpha man in art - the naked wars 2

Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain is unmistakably associated with machismo and war. Artist David Cerny used him for a political version of Damien Hirsch's famous formaldehyde pickled shark...